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Accelerating Company Culture And Value Assimilation Among Employees Through Generative AI

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Maintaining and reinforcing a company’s culture and values among employees can be a challenging task. It’s crucial for employees to be consistently aware of these values to sustain and enrich the company’s culture. Implementing systems that simplify this awareness and empower employees according to these values is essential. However, amidst busy work schedules, it can become difficult to continually focus on these values. At GitLab, a novel approach involves using emojis linked to company values to remind employees of these principles regularly. This blog explores how we can leverage tools like Zapier and OpenAI to further facilitate the integration of company values among team members.

Using Value Emojis to Foster Awareness

At GitLab, value emojis are a core part of daily communication, helping to embed company values in everyday interactions. When someone posts a value emoji in Slack, it’s automatically shared in a dedicated channel via the Reacji Channeler, promoting value-driven discussions. Inspired by this, I experimented with a setup that could automate and quantify the representation of company values within team communications.

Weekly Retrospectives with Value Emoji Summaries

Value Emoji Summary

To facilitate reflection on value alignment in team meetings, I created two Zaps:

  1. Capturing Slack posts with value emoji reactions and saving them to a Zapier Table.
  2. Triggering a collection of the past week’s posts when @value-bot retrospective is mentioned in Slack, summarizing and posting the frequency of each emoji used.

This system allowed the team to easily recall discussions from the past week and focus on areas needing improvement in terms of value alignment, making our weekly retrospectives more efficient and focused.

Automating Value-Based Evaluations of Communications

Value-Based Evaluation

Building on the previous automation, I developed a method to summarize and evaluate team communications based on adherence to company values using Google Sheets and OpenAI API:

  1. Storing Slack posts in Google Sheets.
  2. Triggering a summary and evaluation of these posts in Slack when @value-bot value rating is mentioned.

The prompt for the AI was structured to assess the content against our defined company values, providing a rating from 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest. This method provides a gamified, unbiased feedback mechanism, engaging employees in a fun and interactive review of their communications.

Prompt example:

Please evaluate the Slack log for today based on the evaluation criteria on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest rating.
The team members are Alice, Bob, and Charlie. Please focus on their statements for evaluation.

The evaluation criteria are as follows:

1. Value 1: {Value1 Explanation...}
2. Value 2: {Value2 Explanation...}

---Below is the content of the Slack log---
{Here, expand the list of Slack posts obtained in the previous step on Zapier}


By combining Zapier and OpenAI, I was able to create an advanced system for ingraining company values within the team’s daily operations. The automation provides a bias-free way to reflect on and enhance our adherence to these values. However, it’s important to remember that AI-generated evaluations can be imperfect. They should not directly affect employee evaluations or appraisals but instead serve as a casual reminder and reinforcement of company values. This system is highly recommended for companies looking to deepen value integration in a fun and engaging way.